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78.70 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Bat 10cm/28gr Grey
33.45 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Bleak Paddle Tail 13.2cm/17gr (4pcs/pkg) 03 Firetiger
81.25 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Hard Pike 20cm/59gr Firetiger
37.45 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Hollow Body Duckling 7.5cm/15gr 02 Fruck
67.70 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Hybrid Pike 17cm/45gr SS04 Firetiger
47.20 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Pike Line Thru 20cm/66gr 01 Pike
44.70 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Pulse Tail Roach 10cm/17.5gr (2buc/pachet) Roach
31.85 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Real Eel 15cm (3buc/plic) Green Yellow Glitter
33.55 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Real Eel 20cm (2buc/plic) Dirty Eel
40.60 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Roach Jerkster 11.5cm/37gr SS06 Golden Ambulance
50.40 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Roach Lipster PHP 13cm/26gr SF03 Perch
65.50 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Smash Tail Minnow 13.5cm/38gr Perch
18.60 RON
ProducatorCormoran Varianta3D Soft Frog 12cm/16gr (2buc/pac) Black
62.50 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Suicide Duck 10.5cm/28gr 03 Coot
39.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel Varianta3DB Prop 90F R1107 PSH
29.85 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Herring Shad 11cm (4buc/plic) Zander
59.20 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Line Thru Perch 17cm/63gr SS02 Firetiger
46.30 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Line Thru Trout 15cm/35gr SS04 Fire Trout
32.95 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Perch Shad 12.5cm/23gr SS05 Lemon Perch
47.30 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Pike Shad 20cm/65gr SS01 Striped Pike
33.85 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Real Eel Ready To Fish 20cm/38gr Black Green Pearl PHP
53.10 RON 47.50 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4Play V2 Liplure 13.5cm/18gr SF06 Golden Ambulance
53.10 RON 47.50 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4Play V2 Swim&Jerk 13.5cm/20gr SS05 Firetiger
35.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaArashi Rattling Top Walker 11cm/22gr Bluegill
35.50 RON
ProducatorLucky John VariantaArrow Jerk 8F 8cm/19gr 020
40.00 RON
ProducatorJaxon VariantaAtract Multi-Parts XMP-E 11.5cm/20gr B
32.00 RON
ProducatorPontoon21 VariantaAwaruna 4.5" 11.5cm (5buc/plic) 401
28.00 RON
ProducatorPontoon21 VariantaAwaruna DUN 4" 10cm (5buc/plic) 1307
28.00 RON
ProducatorPontoon21 VariantaAwaruna EVO 4" 10cm (5buc/plic) 4216
38.15 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaBaby Buster 10cm/25gr EG-050 E
39.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaBass Bug BB5.5F Glow Bug
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