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Stick S4,5F

19.60 RON
Cu bile:
4.5 cm
1.5 gr
Evolutie spinning:
0.8 m
Evolutie trolling:
1.2 m
doua nr.12
  • Biban
  • Clean
  • Pastrav
  • Pastrav de lac

Stick S4,5F

O naluca excelenta cu o paleta mare frontala si o forma tipica de puiet, care sta mai in adanc si pescuieste mai mult decat majoritatea nalucilor standard. O actiune cu cotituri stranse si un design anti-agataturi fac acest model favoritul multor pescari. Modelele micute sunt superbe pentru pastravii de tot felul, in special cand la nimic altceva nu misca. Modelele medii sunt devastatoare pentru stiuca si salau.


In my opinion, Stick is a wobbler which has not been appreciated enough; while the smallest 4.5 cm model is our best-selling product in trout season, Sticks, the larger ones are considered too light by some anglers, which makes far throws with this needle wobbler more difficult. Nevertheless, if fishing efficiency depended only on throw lengths, we would all fish using pilkers! It is enough to fasten Stick with a safety pin once to become its fan, especially in case of river spinning, as the model was designed mainly for river fishing. Hence its delicate, elongated shape and slight, shimmering work. It is crucial that the wobbler led upstream does not break the sensitive ending of the rod and keep on the water to the maximum, going quite deep under the surface at the same time. All this is what Stick can do correctly!

As I have already mentioned, the smallest model (4.5cm) is bait addressed mainly to trout anglers, as it is, for instance, one of my favourite wobblers used to catch barbel in the San, Danube or Poprad. These strong fish with barbels really like to suck in a small Stick kept by the current, especially in gudgeon (GO) or loach (NB) colour. In the south of Poland the number of spinning anglers regularly fishing for barbel is growing year by year; I think most of them have already appreciated the pluses of this insignificant wobbler, or they are going to appreciate them in the following season.

Moreover, the effects were very good when I was fishing for ide and chub with the use of Stick in the deep Vistula horizontal dams, in particular on cold cloudy days, when the fish did not swim to the surface or take traditional flat working ide or chub bait.
Larger models (7 and 9 cm) are bait whose range of uses is wider. Personally, I very often turn to these wobblers in the course of trout fishing in the Roztoka and Pomeranian rivers, especially on days when river fish hardly prey and does not feel like small bait. It was then that Stick in trout (TR) colour, relatively big but light and putting up inconsiderable resistance in water (which is important when we fish with the use of delicate equipment), is able to lure impressive river fish out of its hiding place, having been treated as a competitor or intruder entering a forbidden area.

I use these wobblers in lowland rivers where I angle for pike, pikeperch and asp which prey deep late in autumn. It is also my favourite wobbler to angle for pikeperch in places behind vertical dams where the current is faster. Led upstream very slowly or kept downstream for a while, it brought me not one pikeperch or pike specimen.
The largest model (11cm) is also perfect bait for pikeperch and pike, as well as huchen, and not only in rivers; personally, I really like trolling with the use of this wobbler in dammed reservoirs, where pikeperch is the most frequent take. I think the relatively slight work of this wobbler is very pikeperch-friendly, as their basic food (barbel, gudgeon) is known for its tiny swimming movements.
As you can see, and in my opinion, each river spinning angler should try Stick out, especially if he prefers fishing with the use of delicate bait. I guarantee the efficiency of this wobbler!