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Spinnertail WIR 10gr

17.00 RON
7 cm
10 gr

Spinnertail WIR 10gr

Lungime totala naluca (cu tot cu paleta) : 7cm
Lungime corp naluca : 3cm
Latime naluca : 1cm
Greutate naluca : 10grame
Tip naluca : spinnertail / helic
Cod : SPINMAD-0810
Evolutie : sinking (variabila)
Recomandat la : biban, avat, stiuca, avat, clean, pastrav
Mod de ambalare : 1buc/pac
Tip paleta : 1buc x Colorado nr.2
Ancore : 1 ancora dubla x nr.6
Fabricat in : Polonia

The lure for all waters. Perfect for fast and efficient work on the fishery. The optimum size and weight allows conducting the bait at any depth while maintaining operation attractive to fish. Excellent addition to smaller models of tail spinners.
Unknown fishery: Some baits prove well in all conditions, so does Wir 10g. Are you going to fish for perch? Pikes? Take some Wir 10g tail spinners of different colors with you, and you will find out a great potential of this bait. Its effectiveness and optimal shape will allow you to get to know the specifics of the fisheries without wasting time.


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