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31.10 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Minnow Diver 7.5cm9gr F03 Firetiger
39.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel Varianta3DS Vibe 60S F1142 HCLL
109.00 RON
ProducatorSufix VariantaAdvanced Superline 832 120m 0.10mm/13lb/5.9kg Hi Vis Yellow
7.00 RON
ProducatorSert VariantaAgrafa XT Dubla Americana (15buc/plic) nr.00 10mm/9kg
25.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaArashi Rattling Flat 5.5cm/12gr Parrot
24.00 RON
ProducatorGloog VariantaAres 70F 7cm/10gr NP
24.00 RON
ProducatorPontoon21 VariantaAwaruna 3.5" 8.9cm (6buc/plic) 122
19.00 RON
ProducatorRelax VariantaBass 8.5cm (10buc/plic) L198
14.90 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaCannibal Shad 8cm (4buc/plic) Burbot Firetiger
7.50 RON
ProducatorKamatsu VariantaCheburashka bila (5buc/plic) 5gr
65.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaGlided Gold Orange
25.70 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaCraft Cannibal Paddletail 8.5cm/7gr (4buc/plic) Golden Ambulance
14.00 RON
ProducatorHitfish VariantaCrawdroll 6.8cm (5buc/plic) R01
49.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDeep Tail Dancer TDD07 Bleeding Pearl
19.00 RON
ProducatorRelax VariantaDiamond Shad 7.5cm (10buc/plic) S001
33.00 RON
ProducatorBiwaa VariantaDivinator S4 10cm (5buc/pachet) 04 Ivory
34.00 RON
ProducatorKeitech VariantaEasy Shiner 3" 7.5cm (10buc/plic) Bubblegum Shiner
34.00 RON
ProducatorKeitech VariantaEasy Shiner 4" 10cm (7buc/plic) Fire Chart
36.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaExecutor IEX5SDR RPH
12.00 RON
ProducatorMikado VariantaFishunter PMFHL 7cm (Plic 5buc) 126
31.00 RON
ProducatorKP Baits VariantaFlash Shad 11.5cm (5buc/pachet) FL001
64.00 RON 51.20 RON
ProducatorLiveTarget VariantaGolden Shiner Rattlebait 7cm/14gr Silver/Green
34.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaGomoku Ultra Blade 5cm/13gr UV SIlver
51.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaHardcore Fintail Vibe 70S F1186 HGGR
54.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaHardcore Longbill 90SP F964 GSAY
43.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaJointed Shad Rap JSR07 Bleeding Blue Shad
39.00 RON 31.20 RON
ProducatorCotton Cordell VariantaJointed Wally Diver 7cm/7gr Sparkle Fire Tiger
17.00 RON
ProducatorRelax VariantaKopyto Standard 6,2cm (10buc/plic) H001
18.50 RON
ProducatorMandula Chelm VariantaMandula Okoniowa 6cm/1.5gr M306
25.00 RON
ProducatorCozma VariantaModel Performer P7 A9
22.00 RON
ProducatorRelax VariantaOhio 10.5cm (10buc/plic) L002
15.00 RON 12.50 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Shad Tail 10cm Pachet 10buc OB
40.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaRattle'n Vibe R1356 BT
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