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32.15 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Sticklebait Twitch 4.5cm/4gr Black Silver
36.50 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Sticklebait Twitch 5.5cm/7gr Ayu Green Silver
32.15 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Twitch Minnow 6.6cm/5gr Blue Pink Smolt
34.25 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Twitch Minnow 8cm/8.5gr FT Smolt
78.00 RON
ProducatorPalms VariantaAlexandra 4.3cm/3.3gr A127
79.00 RON
ProducatorSmith Ltd. VariantaAR-HD Minnow Bass 4.5cm/5gr 03
25.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaArashi Rattling Minnow 11cm/17gr Lime Chartreuse
24.25 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaArc Minnow 10.5cm/11gr JL-092F 626E
24.00 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaArchback 3.5cm/2.2gr EG-125E C06
25.65 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaArchback 8cm/8.5gr EG-125A A05
33.00 RON
ProducatorDamiki VariantaAxe Serpent 75 7.5cm/8gr Mat Tiger
34.50 RON
ProducatorHegemon VariantaBlejk 7.5cm/10gr Common Dace
52.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaBX Minnow BXM07 Firetiger
72.50 RON
ProducatorShimano VariantaCardiff Folletta 50SS 5cm/3.3gr 003 Pink Black
82.50 RON
ProducatorShimano VariantaCardiff Pinspot 50S 5cm/3.5gr 001 Green Gold
19.60 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaClassic C4F BGH
19.60 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaClassic C4S FT
21.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaClassic C5F NB
21.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaClassic C5S G
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaClassic C9F FT
25.80 RON
ProducatorCormoran VariantaCor F1 3.5cm/2gr Carp
25.20 RON
ProducatorCormoran VariantaCor F2 3.5cm/2.5gr Carp
44.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaCountdown CD01 Fire Minnow
46.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaCountdown CD03 Yellow Perch
47.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaCountdown CD05 Hot Mustard Muddler
52.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaCountdown CD07 Firetiger
65.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaGlided Gold Orange
24.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaCourier CO7S BBL
38.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaCrystal Minnow 70F R836 C27
38.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaCrystal Minnow 70S R835 GHCS
47.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaCrystal Minnow 90F F6 GHRH
89.00 RON
ProducatorSmith Ltd. VariantaD-Compact 3.8cm/2.5gr 12
95.00 RON
ProducatorSmith Ltd. VariantaD-Compact 4.5cm/3.5gr V2
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