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61.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaBalsa Xtreme Swimmer BXS12 Silver
72.00 RON
ProducatorPalms VariantaBeatrice 4.5cm/2.9gr A-546
78.00 RON
ProducatorPalms VariantaBeatrice 5.3cm/5.1gr AL53
52.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaBX Jointed Shad BXJSD06 Gold Shiner
39.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFanatic IF7F HBL
37.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFrisky FR5DR GT
56.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFrisky FR5SR SBO
42.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFrisky FR7SR SBO
47.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaJointed J05 Yellow Perch
47.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaJointed J07 Silver Fluorescent Chartreuse
33.00 RON 26.40 RON
ProducatorRebel VariantaJointed Minnow J49 Natural Rainbow Trout
39.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaJointed Shad Rap JSR04 Green Tiger UV
39.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaJointed Shallow Shad Rap JSSR05 Blue Shad
43.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaJointed Shallow Shad Rap JSSR07 Perch
44.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaPike PE11JF PE
44.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaPike PE13JF HPE
32.00 RON
ProducatorJaxon VariantaPike PJ10F 10cm/10gr P
35.00 RON
ProducatorJaxon VariantaPike PJ14F 14cm/21gr P
20.10 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaPygmy Joint 4cm/3.6gr EG-073J A010
31.00 RON
ProducatorUgly Duckling VariantaShallow Runner Jointed Rattling 6J SR 7.5cm/9gr RE
22.60 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaSilver Sprat 4cm/2.5gr EG-093JA A17
67.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaX-Rap Jointed Shad XJS13 Twilight Zone
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  • 20RON
  • 78RON