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39.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel Varianta3D Inshore Twitchbait 90SS R1208 HGBL
40.60 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Roach Jerkster 11.5cm/37gr SS06 Golden Ambulance
41.55 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Roach Jerkster PHP 11.5cm/39gr SS03 Perch
34.00 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Roach Jerkster PHP 6.3cm/8gr SS05 Firetiger
40.30 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Roach Jerkster PHP 9cm/20gr SS06 Gold Fish
32.00 RON
ProducatorLucky John VariantaArrow Jerk 7F 7cm/16gr 014
35.50 RON
ProducatorLucky John VariantaArrow Jerk 8F 8cm/19gr 020
35.50 RON
ProducatorLucky John VariantaArrow Jerk 8S 8cm/23gr 019
38.15 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaBaby Buster 10cm/25gr EG-050 E
24.00 RON
ProducatorKenart VariantaBass Jerk 9cm/24gr Natural Roach Blue
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaBlik 8.5cm/19gr RH
35.00 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaBuster Jerk V 8.5cm/17.7gr EG-148 C035
26.00 RON
ProducatorKenart VariantaDancer D10F 10cm/30gr Blue Tiger
26.00 RON
ProducatorKenart VariantaDancer D10S 10cm/35gr Blue Tiger
25.00 RON
ProducatorKenart VariantaDancer D7F 7cm/18gr Green Tiger
25.00 RON
ProducatorKenart VariantaDancer D7S 7cm/22gr Natural Gold
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaDrunk D7F NO
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaDrunk D7S NO
32.30 RON
ProducatorDAM VariantaEffzett Combat Jerk 8cm/12gr Firetiger
55.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFatso F10F HOP
55.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFatso F10S HRHS Holo Red Head Striper
33.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaFlicker Jerk 11cm/30gr B
50.90 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaFreestyler 13cm/42gr SS08 Dirty Roach
40.00 RON
ProducatorNomura VariantaFresh Vibration 10cm/47gr Holo Black
38.40 RON
ProducatorNomura VariantaFresh Vibration 7cm/17gr Natural Skin
29.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaGomoku Bottom 3cm/2.5gr Perch
30.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaGomoku Bottom 4.5cm/6.5gr Ghost Candy
22.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaGomoku Flutter Slim 4.5cm/2gr Glow Candy
68.75 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaGuppie Junior 11cm/70gr EG-208A TR002G
49.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaHardcore Fintail Vibe 40S F1080 HZSN
29.50 RON
ProducatorQuantum VariantaHot Toddy 4cm/3gr Ayu Pointed
49.50 RON 39.60 RON
ProducatorMirrolure VariantaPaul Brown's Original Sinking OR 9cm/21gr Culoare 95
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