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35.00 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaCoco the Crab 2cm/6gr Beach Crab
42.00 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaDanny the Duck Hollow Body 9cm/18g Brown Duckling
23.50 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaInivassen 6.5cm/20gr Copper-Silver
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaMike The Pike 14cm/30gr Pike
59.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaRicky the Roach 15cm/36g Lively Rudd
49.00 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaRicky the Roach 8cm/7gr Blue Glamour
75.00 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaRicky the Roach Swimbait 15cm/35g Firetiger
55.00 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaRod Cover Westin 190cm Black and Silver
8.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaShadTeez 12cm Lava Perch
5.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaShadTeez 7cm Gold Headlight
6.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaShadTeez 9cm Bass Orange
7.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaShadTeez Slim 10cm Pearl
11.50 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaShadTeez Slim 14cm Slime Curd
5.50 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaShadTeez Slim 7.5cm Lava Perch
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim 10cm/31gr Parrot Special
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim 10cm/32gr Toxic Mahi
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim 10cm/32gr Dull Coward
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim 10cm/32gr Firetiger
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim 10S 10cm/34gr Natural Pike
39.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim 6.5cm/9gr Crystal Perch
47.90 RON
ProducatorWestin VariantaSwim Hollowbody 9cm/17 gGreen Frog
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