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31.85 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Real Eel 15cm (3buc/plic) Green Yellow Glitter
33.55 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Real Eel 20cm (2buc/plic) Dirty Eel
33.85 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta4D Real Eel Ready To Fish 20cm/38gr Black Green Pearl PHP
13.50 RON
ProducatorBig Hammer VariantaBig Hammer Perch Grubs 4.5cm (25buc/plic) Great White
19.40 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaCannibal Curl Tail 10cm (4buc/plic) Perch
20.00 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaCannibal Curl Tail 12.5cm (3buc/plic) Golden Ambulance
33.00 RON 26.40 RON
ProducatorLindy VariantaFuzz-E-Grub Bodies 5cm (15buc/pac) Chartreuse Shad
19.00 RON 15.20 RON
ProducatorLindy VariantaFuzz-E-Grub Jigs 5cm/5.3gr (2buc/pac) Yellow/Orange
9.50 RON
ProducatorMister Twister VariantaG-Grub 8cm (4buc/plic) Pearl
10.90 RON
ProducatorMister Twister VariantaGrub 10cm (5buc/plic) Lime Black/Yellow
14.25 RON
ProducatorMister Twister VariantaGrub 12cm (5buc/plic) Alb Perlat
25.00 RON
ProducatorDamiki VariantaLoach 12.7cm (8buc/plic) 007 Smoke/Silver
10.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Double Tail 12cm Pachet 5buc BR
21.00 RON 18.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Fenix 12cm Pachet 5buc LB
14.00 RON 10.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Fenix 9cm Pachet 5buc L
21.00 RON 14.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Mermaid 10cm Pachet 10buc IQ
28.00 RON 19.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Mermaid 12cm Pachet 10buc ZV
16.50 RON 14.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Shad Tail 15cm Pachet 5buc OB
16.00 RON 11.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Shad Tail 17cm Pachet 3buc G
11.00 RON 9.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Buckler 11cm Pachet 10buc Y
10.00 RON 8.50 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Buckler 9cm Pachet 10buc W
15.00 RON 9.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Classic 8cm Pachet 10buc O
10.00 RON 7.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Hammer 10cm Pachet 10buc W
12.00 RON 10.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Hammer 12cm Pachet 10buc H
7.00 RON 5.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Hammer 7cm Pachet 10buc FY
13.00 RON 10.00 RON
ProducatorOrka VariantaOrka Twister Reaper 11cm Pachet 10buc H
31.50 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaReal Eel 15cm (3buc/plic) Firetiger NL
32.80 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaReal Eel 20cm (2buc/Plic) Firetiger NL
16.50 RON
ProducatorYUM VariantaRibbontail Grub 7.5cm (15buc/plic) White
6.90 RON
ProducatorDelalande VariantaSandra 12cm 137 Parrot
4.90 RON
ProducatorDelalande VariantaSandra 9cm 61 White Red Head
14.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaSo-Run Hypno Grub 10cm (6buc/plic) Lively Trout
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