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Evolutie 3m +

40.10 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear Varianta3D Iron Mask Deep Diver 9cm/15gr SF08 Green Flash
34.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaAlaska A6F GFR
53.50 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaAlaska A8F BP
34.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaAlaska Acustic AA6F B
39.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaArashi Rattling Deep 7.5cm/24gr Black Silver Shad
43.00 RON
ProducatorStorm VariantaArashi Rattling Deep 9cm/40gr Bluegill
39.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaBullhead BD8SDR HBD
75.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaCountDown Magnum CDMAG09 Pearl Orange
33.50 RON
ProducatorLucky John VariantaDeep John 7F 7cm/6gr 005
49.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDeep Tail Dancer TDD07 Bleeding Pearl
52.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDeep Tail Dancer TDD09 Blue Sardine
55.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDeep Tail Dancer TDD11 Live Perch
59.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDeep Tail Dancer TDD13 Live Roach
50.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDives To DT14 Blue Shad
47.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDives To DT16 Helsinki Shad
47.00 RON
ProducatorRapala VariantaDives-To Metal SureSet DTMSS20 Bleeding Olive Shiner
58.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFreediver FD12SDR GT
49.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFreediver FD7SDR BPR Blue Parakeet
52.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaFreediver FD9SDR BPR Blue Parakeet
54.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaHardcore Longbill 90SP F964 GSAY
54.00 RON
ProducatorYo-Zuri - Duel VariantaHardcore Shad 75SP F966 HAT
37.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaHornet H5S BE
37.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaHornet H5SDR RVC
37.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaHornet H6S EP
65.00 RON
ProducatorSalmo VariantaHornet H9F SGC Supernatural Golden Crucian
39.50 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaHuron 9F 9cm/22gr GRO
34.80 RON
ProducatorSpro VariantaIkiru DD Baby Crank 4cm/3gr Chrome Yellow Perch
47.50 RON
ProducatorStrike Pro VariantaInquisitor 11cm/18.9gr EG-193BL GC01S
49.50 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaInvader I11F JST
55.00 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaInvader I14F FT
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaInvader I7F RH
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaInvader I7S RH
29.90 RON
ProducatorDorado VariantaInvader I9S P
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