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Agrafe & varteje

21.30 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa 8-Snap (10buc/plic) Tough - 6.0kg
13.30 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaAgrafa Cross Lock Egg (10buc/plic) M
6.00 RON
ProducatorKamatsu VariantaAgrafa Crosslock K-2181 (10buc/plic) Nr.0
7.75 RON
ProducatorMustad VariantaAgrafa cu vartej Crane (10buc/plic) Nr.6/23kg
7.95 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa cu vartej Daiwa (10buc/plic) Nr.10/7kg
7.50 RON
ProducatorKamatsu VariantaAgrafa cu vartej dublu K-3033 (5buc/plic) Nr.14/4kg
9.25 RON
ProducatorSavage Gear VariantaAgrafa cu vartej Egg Snap (10buc/plic) XS Nr.8/17kg
7.00 RON
ProducatorKamatsu VariantaAgrafa cu vartej Hyper Fastlock K-1010 (8buc/plic) Nr.6/18kg
7.85 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa cu vartej Prorex (10buc/plic) S
16.95 RON
ProducatorOwner - Cultiva VariantaAgrafa cu vartej Sinker Hook W 52459 (8buc/plic) Nr.18/10.3kg
16.00 RON
ProducatorDecoy VariantaAgrafa cu vartej SN-9 (6buc/plic) Nr.00 18lb
23.80 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa D-Snap (10buc/plic) M - 11mm/20kg
22.20 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa D-Snap cu vartej (7buc/plic) nr.7/13kg
4.95 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa Daiwa Prorex (10buc/plic) M nr.12/18kg
5.20 RON
ProducatorMustad VariantaAgrafa Duo-Lock (10buc/plic) Nr.00/20kg
5.50 RON
ProducatorVMC VariantaAgrafa Duolock Black Nickel (7buc/plic) nr.4/41kg
5.70 RON
ProducatorVMC VariantaAgrafa Duolock cu vartej (5buc/plic) nr.10/9kg
5.25 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa Duolock Daiwa (10buc/plic) Nr.10/7kg
5.00 RON
ProducatorVMC VariantaAgrafa Duolock DLS (10buc/plic) nr.00/9kg
10.50 RON
ProducatorDecoy VariantaAgrafa Duolock Round SN-1 (13buc/plic) #000
3.50 RON
ProducatorJaxon VariantaAgrafa Duolock Strong (10buc/plic) nr.0/10kg 11mm
13.50 RON
ProducatorDecoy VariantaAgrafa Duolock V SN-2 (13buc/plic) #0 30lb
16.00 RON
ProducatorDecoy VariantaAgrafa Egg Snap SN-3 (7buc/plic) Nr.1 30lb
9.50 RON
ProducatorSpro VariantaAgrafa Fast Lock Matt Black (18buc/plic) Nr.3 / 18kg
5.00 RON
ProducatorKamatsu VariantaAgrafa Fastlock V K-2175 (10buc/plic) Nr.00/8kg
7.70 RON
ProducatorSakura VariantaAgrafa Hooked Snap (10buc/Plic) nr.000-4kg
11.00 RON
ProducatorHitfish VariantaAgrafa Hyper Snap (8buc/plic) Nr.000/8kg
18.00 RON
ProducatorSebile VariantaAgrafa Medium Game (12buc/plic) Nr.1/12lb
8.00 RON
ProducatorSakura VariantaAgrafa Nice Snap (10buc/plic) nr.000 - 4kg
8.65 RON
ProducatorOwner - Cultiva VariantaAgrafa Owner Snap (12buc/plic) Nr.#00/8.9kg
4.65 RON
ProducatorDaiwa VariantaAgrafa rapida (10buc/plic) M 12kg
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